Founded in New Zealand and launched in 2017, Jakob Carter has developed a landscape of fashion and scent through a fine detail focus and willingness to push the boundaries of design.
Garments intentionally forged to last a lifetime and a label driven by eco-conscious goals, you can expect to find sustainable, creative collections that celebrate individuality and new style palettes. Pieces to stay in your wardrobe through many seasons. The landscape for the signature scents in each collection has been curated and masterfully blended to awaken emotions and even nostalgia, scents to pair with memories and feelings.
Designer and founder, Jakob Carter has strongly driven the brand to each year push the envelope of fashion with a purpose. Using his various collaborations and platforms to provoke growth in several social causes, his latest fragrance collaboration casts a strong spotlight on men's mental health.
With international attention, media coverage and a growing list of high-end retailers to house Jakob Carter, this label has fast become a prestige and proud New Zealand-made brand, this is a journey to be watched.