Jakob Carter

Caribbean Dream


New Scent

Nectarine & Honey

Capturing the luscious base notes of Nectarine blossom, allow your senses to be immersed in the spirit of this floral and fruity gourmand. Finally cloaked in the soft, luxury of honey this fragrance has the depth to affectionately linger.

New Scent

Vintage Gardenia & Peach

Fresh and floral top notes of vintage Gardenia are energetically swirled and uplifted when paired with the vibrant echo of the summer. Lashings of Peach bring an intoxicating sweetness to this warming fragrance.

New Scent

Sandalwood & Cedar

Lingering notes of sandalwood incorporate a woody layer and mossy tone, intentionally paired with Cedar, this scent combination is a modern nod to a masculine yet delicate aroma. This is perfect for those who enjoy an earthy palate.